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My Projects

Here's a list of most (if not all) of my projects, as well as links to find them:


Original soundtrack to the indie game Frogsong!

A collection of cozy, mysterious, and energetic tunes to accompany Chorus's journeys through the land of Salia.

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A short set of tunes made for Lone Rabbit's "OST Composition Jam 2."

A comet is falling to Earth, bringing a lone alien with it. Scientists want to study it, the government wants to destroy it... and one woman can only imagine how scared and alone it feels.

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SquareBoy has died and gone to hell! As punishment for his gluttony in life, he is doomed to eat bricks in a maze for all eternity.

A Sisyphean pac-man clone originally made for Mini Jam #69 (but never submitted).

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LOVELY MOON (2018 Demo)

You've just crash-landed on an alien moon, and must explore the caves below to find some way to repair your ship. Your trusty jetpack will give you a few extra boosts along the way!

This is a demo/prototype that I built in college, back in 2018. I got a bit too ambitious with it (it was supposed to be four times longer!!), but it was a fun experience that I learned a lot from!

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Sophie is a witch's familiar. After an evil knight raids their castle, it's up to Sophie to save the day!

This is a 2D platformer that I made for a gamedev course in high school.

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